Say YES to Public Services!

OWN-IT-RGBIs the privatization of Saskatchewan’s vital public services really happening?

You bet it is. It is real and it is taking place quietly all across our province — in our hospitals, schools, roads, long term care facilities, and so much more.

Say YES to keeping and strengthening public services so they continue to benefit all of us today and tomorrow

Working women and men from around Saskatchewan have come together and created Own It! — a grassroots campaign aimed at saving and improving the public services that built our province and help keep it strong. Remember: if the government pushes through its privatization plans, it may have a direct impact on your job and your family’s security.

How can you help? Simple. Own It! Just visit the website and sign the petition to stop government privatization in its tracks! Visit right now and sign-up:


Hailey Johnson, Chair of the SEIU-West Young Workers Committee

You should also check out our SEIU-West Young Workers Committee Chair, Hailey Johnson, explain why she wants to keep Saskatchewan’s services public.

We encourage you to send a short video and/or message explaining why public services are important to you. You can share your video/message on our Facebook page, or you can email

We need your help today — because privatization is quickly putting at risk everything that generations of Saskatchewan people have built. Help keep your province strong. Say YES to strong public services today!


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