Frequently Asked Questions: SEIU-West 2017 Convention

Here are the answers to the most common questions asked about the convention.

1. What if I don’t want to share a hotel room?
Let us know the reasons why you feel you are unable to share a hotel room. We will determine the available options and advise you. SEIU-West policy specifies hotel room sharing is recommended, however we are open to considering your unique situation.

2. Will I have a hotel room if I live close to Saskatoon?
We want people to attend the entire convention and be on time for all proceedings so we are covering hotel rooms for anyone outside of Saskatoon, with certain limitations — example, if your drive home is short (30 – 60 minutes) we need to consider what is reasonable. We will work with you to determine if it’s best to have you stay at the hotel for both nights.

3. When will I receive information on my hotel room and who I am sharing with?
Once all delegates are registered we will assign hotel rooms at the hotel venue – the Radisson. We are doing our best to assign room sharing as requested on the delegate forms. We will send out this information approximately one month before the convention.

Attendance and Registration
4. I lost my registration form, didn’t receive it, etc.
We can e-mail you a form, send it by mail, fax it, etc. Please contact Tara Hessie at or 306-773-2536 ext. 3221. Please fill it out and return it ASAP. Or, Tara Hessie can assist you to fill it out over the phone.

5. Can I bring an observer or guest from my unit?
You can bring an observer but SEIU-West will NOT cover any costs for the observer (i.e. hotel rooms, meals, lost wages, etc.). And, they need to be registered ASAP so we can accommodate them for seating.

6. Can I bring my family?
Hotel room sharing is expected. So, if you bring your family, we will only cover ½ the cost of your hotel room. If your family wants to attend the banquet, they will need to purchase a ticket ($50). There will be a very limited number of extra tickets because some people are unable to attend the banquet and will give up their tickets but most non-delegates will need to purchase a ticket. If you plan to bring someone to the banquet, please fill in the check box on the registration form that you are bringing a guest to the banquet.

7. How many delegates does my Unit get?
The delegate formula is set out in the Constitution and was sent to all units in late January and early March. We looked at the most recent data from the employer to determine how many members were in your unit and applied the formula to get the number of delegates.

8. Are Executive Board members automatic delegates?
Yes, they are automatic delegates although they still have to complete a registration form. If the Executive Board member is also a unit chair, then the unit should designate another unit officer as the first delegate to the convention.

9. What if I register and can’t attend?
You should find an alternate to attend in your place, and notify Tara Hessie ASAP about the change.

10. I can’t make it, what do we do?
Send an alternate representative from your unit, chosen by your unit. Notify Tara Hessie ASAP.

11. We have co-chairs for our unit. Can both of us attend?
You need to choose one of you as your automatic first delegate. If your unit is entitled to more than one delegate, then your unit can choose the other co-chair as the second delegate if they so wish.

12. Do I have to attend the entire convention?
Yes, you are required to register in the evening on Tuesday, June 20 or the morning of June 21 and stay until adjournment sometime late-afternoon on Thursday, June 22.

13. How many people will be at the convention?
We expect anywhere between 150 – 200 people.

14. Will SEIU-West staff be there?
SEIU-West staff will be there, along with Executive Board members and Committee chairs.

15. Should I wait until I get my LOA approved before I register?
No, everyone should register immediately so the planning committee can make hotel arrangements, etc. But, it’s important to also submit your LOA request immediately to make sure you can get the time off.

16. What if I can’t get my LOA approved?
Let your Union Rep or the MRC (1-888-999-7348) know if your LOA is not approved and we will assist in any way possible.

17. Will SEIU-West cover my wages and meals, etc.?
Yes, your lost wages will be covered but you need to request your LOA immediately. Also, we will have expense forms for delegates to claim allowable expenses such as mileage (subject to car-pooling rules) as well as any meals not provided at the convention.

18. Will child care be provided?
If you require added childcare in order to attend the convention, please let us know on your registration form.

19. Who is running for President, Treasurer, and other Board positions?
We don’t know that yet but we are confident that anyone interested in running will start campaigning before the election. We are establishing an Election Committee of people who are NOT running, and they will conduct the election process.

20. I’m interested in running, or know someone who wants to run, who should I talk to?
Barb Cape, President of SEIU-West, Neil Colmin, Vice President of SEIU-West, or Janice Platzke, Treasurer of SEIU-West.

21. What is on the agenda for this year’s convention?
A draft agenda was included in the second convention call that is mailed out in early March. The final agenda is being prepared now – which will include guest speakers, elections to officer, executive and trustee positions, constitution amendments, and convention resolutions. We are also having a Welcome & Reception on Tuesday, June 20 to welcome delegates to convention, and there will be a banquet on Wednesday evening.

22. Will I get more information?
You can expect to receive a detailed package of information emailed to you in early-May. It will include a final agenda, information on the election process and other items.

Travel, Parking and Car Pooling
23. What about car pooling?
Once the registration process is complete we know who the delegates are (after May 1), we will contact you regarding car-pooling with others from your area. That’s why it’s important to get your registration forms submitted ASAP.

24. What if I can’t car pool or don’t want to?
SEIU-West policy states that car-pooling is required. If you do not car pool, mileage will not be covered. However, let us know your situation and we will consider if there are any options.

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Printable 2017 SEIU-West Convention FAQ document in PDF.

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