Remembrance Day 2017

SEIU-West members wish to send a message of solidarity and gratitude to our fallen soldiers and respected veterans.

Many of our members have cared for veterans and can attest that the effect of war is forever etched into them. The flashbacks never go away. Those they leave behind worry endlessly and life changes back at home.

War isn’t a distant memory, a story for textbooks. War continues throughout the world, for too many, it is a reality.

We have vets coming home from abroad even now. Forever changed.

We have embraced refugees into Canada who have seen too much. We hope they find peace here in Canada. We hope peace is found in their home countries.

While we hear of wars throughout the world, let us work for peace. What unites us is stronger than what divides us.

We encourage you to attend a Remembrance Day service – for communities not listed below, please check with your local Legion.

If you are unable to attend a ceremony in your community, remember to take a moment of silence on November 11 to reflect upon those people that gave and risked their lives for us.

If you are interested in what’s being done to advocate for Canadian Veterans, visit Canadian Veterans Advocacy’s website.

Watch a video of a Canadian Veteran sharing his story.

Remembrance Day Ceremonies:




Swift Current

Moose Jaw

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