An Open Letter To The Public – From Elmwood Group Homes Support Workers

When the past two Community Living Association Saskatoon Inc. (CLASI) Phoenix Club Dances were cancelled, we were told it was due to unforeseen circumstances.

Recently, we have come to find out that they were actually cancelled due to some false assumptions about the scope of our information pickets that were scheduled to take place outside the location of the dance. 20180320_3658_Unionism-101-CGDSC_0006

We want to be clear that our goal is to simply hand out our information flyers to passers-by and people who are attending the dance. We do not want to impede people’s ability to have a good time, nor will we physically prevent access to the event. We welcome people to ask us about our struggle for fairness and how our work improves the lives of our residents.

We were saddened to hear the decision to cancel the dances was made based upon an incorrect assumption. We know how much these social activities mean to our residents and sincerely hope the next dance will go ahead as scheduled.

We, the Support Workers of Elmwood Group Homes (EGH), will not give up our right to peaceful demonstration and have done all we can to assure CLASI that the dances can continue without disruption.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through

We thank you for your support throughout our struggle for fairness at EGH.


EGH Support Workers

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