Celebrate Pride – June and All Summer Long!

For the month of June, SEIU-West celebrates Pride Month to support all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two spirit, questioning and queer people in Saskatchewan and around the world! Join us to celebrate all achievements and contributions to social justice the LGBT2Q+ network has brought to us. We share a common goal that is to live in a more just and equality driven society.

Ours is the first province, via a recent Saskatchewan court ruling, to declare that people must be allowed from now on to remove gender markers from birth certificates. You can read about this recent decision by clicking here. This change is a forward transformation to the systemic issues that many people within queer community face every day. In solidarity with our queer sisters and brothers, we can help make this world better for the most vulnerable people in our communities!

To celebrate True Colours during Pride Month and beyond, check out Saskatoon Pride’s website and Saskatchewan Pride Network’s events for more information on what’s happening around Saskatchewan.

Let’s celebrate the diversity of genders and variety of sexualities by dismissing dualities!

SEIU-West wants you to seize the best moments of the Pride Month by entering our contest! At the end of each week of June we will pick a winner to receive a prize. All you have to do is:

1) take a picture or selfie with something that has all the rainbow colours;

2) write a few sentences why or/and how you celebrate Pride Month; and

3) send it to actions@seiuwest.ca with subject line #purplesupportspride

Another way of entering the contest would be by sending us a link with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media post with subject line #purplesupportspride to actions@seiuwest.ca, and make sure the post is public so we can see it. Good luck!

Happy Pride Month!

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