Mission: To promote awareness of our proud Aboriginal culture and how it intertwines within our union environment.


  • Engage our Aboriginal members to strengthen their union involvement
  • Inform and educate all union members on Aboriginal issues within the workplace
  • Recruit potential members by attending career fairs and conferences
  • Be an advisory and resource for all union members, the Executive Board and Bargaining committees on Aboriginal issues.

Committee Chair:

Chris Mulhall, Chinook School Division – 306-774-4881

Recording Secretary:

Danora Semilet, Admin Assistant – Kerrobert & District Health Centre – 306-834-2646 ext. 2801

Committee Members:

Raymond Bidyk, Parkridge Centre (Saskatoon)

Dawnita Body, ESW – Kerrobert & District Health Centre – 306-372-7834

Tania Lafontaine, Research Officer – Public Health Observatory (Saskatoon) – 306-655-3448

Tracey Lennox, Continuing Care Assistant – Home Care (Moose Jaw) – 306-630-4876

Tara Lens, Team Lead, Supported Independent Living – Prince Albert Group Homes – 306-922-7457

Andrea McConnell, LPN – Cypress Regional Hospital – 306-741-1703


National Aboriginal Day 2017

Together, we must do more than just talk about reconciliation – we must learn how to live out reconciliation each and every day. These principles must guide us in our actions, and we urge you to read and then act upon the 94 Calls to Action here.

PAWS: Justice for All

We must demonstrate solidarity for our Indigenous brothers and sisters. We need to recognize that treaties are like collective agreements, and blockades are like picket lines – to break or cross them risks justice for all.

PAWS: Safety

By Raymond Bidyk, Aboriginal Committee Member The SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee and our PAWS (Power, Air, Water, Safety) campaign has reached its remaining chapter – Safety. In light of the recent murder of Colten Boushie, a young Red Pheasant Cree Nation …

Letter of Support for the Camp of Sacred Stones

A member of the Aboriginal Committee has written a letter of support and sent it to those standing against the Dakota Access Pipeline – please read his meaningful letter …

Letter of Solidarity – Colonialism No More Regina Camp

SEIU-West sent a letter of support and solidarity to our brothers and sisters holding the line at the Colonialism No More Camp in Regina.

National Aboriginal Day: June 21

In recognition of National Aboriginal Day, the SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee also wants to highlight the incredible and enduring Colonialism No More – Solidarity Camp Regina wherein committed activists have been occupying the outside area of the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) office for over 60 days.

Turtle Island Training – Two Day Course

NOTE: This course has been move to the Heritage Inn in Moose Jaw, It begins at 10:30 am on the 21st and it is a 2 day session. Successful applicants will be notified in early June.  The Aboriginal Committee together with the …

The People’s Injunction Demonstration – We’re All People On the Line

The SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee took part in a demonstration that called for climate justice – check out the great banner!

PAWS: in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and World Water Day

It should not matter where one lives on Turtle Island; with approximately 20% of the world’s fresh water supply and our ever-growing technological advances in Canada, there is no excuse for anyone to question the safety of the water pouring from their taps.
Racism often leads to inequalities in the distribution of resources. The inadequacy of ensuring a basic need, particularly amongst First Nations communities, serves as an example of structural racism. The inequality First Nations communities face maintains disadvantaged conditions and restricts a fundamental part of our human existence – water.

Apply NOW for the Prairie School for Union Women!

The Education Committee will be sponsoring up to four (4) delegates and the Aboriginal Committee will be sponsoring one (1) additional delegate to attend the Prairie School for Union Women (PSUW) being held in Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan from June 12 – June 16, 2016.

The SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee Standing in Solidarity With #PeopleOnTheLine

Boots on the ground action is the lifeblood of an activist. When the opportunity shows itself, it is up to us to step up to the occasion. As community members, Labour Siblings, and children of Earth Mother, we were proud to lend our voices to the chorus of social and environmental defenders at Friendship Park in Saskatoon. Our committee is dedicated to a living legacy of action on PAWS

Update: SFL Spring School

SEIU-West will be sponsoring up to seven members – six through the Education Committee and one through the Aboriginal Committee – to attend the SFL Spring School. Unit Chairs have been sent the registration package. Please ensure that your completed forms – expression of …

PAWS: Campaign Launch!

The SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee has launched PAWS, a new campaign aimed at spreading awareness and smashing myths; its ultimate goal is to enhance community allyship with Indigenous Peoples and movements. The paw print chosen as part of the Aboriginal Committee’s PAWS Campaign logo is a rendering of a wolf print.

PAWS: Power of the People

By Tracey Lennox, The Leader Post, December 3, 2015 The SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee has launched a new campaign called PAWS to spread awareness and smash myths; its ultimate goal is to enhance community ally-ship with indigenous peoples and movements. PAWS represents …

Unionism on Turtle Island: Report

I deeply feel that unless and until society understands the pain and the history of aggressive assimilation (or attempted genocide of a culture) that First Nations and Metis Peoples have endured, no one can heal. We need to stand up and demand better.. My heart was so happy to see that everyone in the group “got it” and committed to share their knowledge with their community. This is how we create change. This is how we heal.

Turtle Island Training

The Aboriginal Committee together with the Education department are pleased to be offering a new course for SEIU-West Members.
We will be accepting 30 participants to attend this two day Turtle Island training opportunity.
This course is designed for non-Aboriginal workers who want to learn more about Aboriginal Issues and who want to work in solidarity with their First Nations and Metis brothers and sisters. Issues to be discussed include history, spirituality, creating a representative workforce and opening the union to aboriginal activists.

Aboriginal Heritage Day & Unionism on Turtle Island: An Interview

The big thing for people to understand is that the catastrophic events that happened to First Nations and Metis people in the past are still happening and affecting us today. Residential schools, the 60s scoop – this is not long ago and discrimination continues to occur. I often hear people say, “people should just get over it – it was so long ago.” Yet this is just wrong – it’s very current and happening now.

Aboriginal Awareness Week May 19-22

With the recent passing of Bill C-51 and the recognition of Aboriginal Awareness Week on May 19-22 2015, it is important to make the connections and spread awareness of the constant condemnation that Indigenous people have faced, and continue to face in this country; now, such condemnations will spread to many others. As Idle No More co-founder Nina Wilson stated when she spoke at a recent Saskatoon…

Don’t miss out! Register for the SFL’s Prairie School for Union Women!

We have an exciting educational opportunity for union women to  get together and learn from each one in a safe, comfortable and fun environment. Participants who have attended the Prairie School for Union Women (PSUW)  in the past have given …

SALPN Education Conference and Annual General Meeting

The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (SALPN) Education Conference and Annual General Meeting will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan on April 21 and 22, 2015. The SEIU-West Nursing Care Committee will be sponsoring up to four (4) delegates and the …