Political Action and Awareness Committee


The Political Action and Awareness Committee educates our members on Political Issues at all levels and lobbies for the rights of all workers.

Are you wondering why politics is important to your Union?

Whether it is a municipal, provincial or federal election, the people we elect to lead our towns, cities, province or country can greatly affect us as working people.

For instance, the federal government decides how much money in their budget will be allotted to the provinces for health care and education. The amount they give affects our provincial budget.

The provincial government will then have to fund the remainder of the health care budget, which directly affects us as workers.

Benefits we enjoy in our Collective Agreement are funded through the health care budget.

Committee Co-Chairs:

Sharon Cameron, Supervisor, Material Management and Distribution – Humboldt District Hospital – 306-682-5157

Dennel Pickering, CCA – Saskatoon Health Region Home Care – 306-931-6158

Recording Secretary:

Melanie Sadler, CCA – Saskatoon Health Region Home Care – 306-491-8008

Committee Members:

Laurie Harder, St. Paul’s Hospital (Saskatoon) – 306-229-6641

Shelley Johnson, Parent Mentor Volunteer Program Coordinator – Community Health (Saskatoon) – 306-630-8423

Denise McConnell, Direct Care Worker – Variety Place (Outlook) – 306-860-7902

Vanessa Spencer, Elmwood Group Homes – 306-974-8078/306-229-3181

Click on the link below for the committee terms of reference:

Terms of Reference – Political Action and Awareness Committee

Important links:

Find your Federal Riding: Elections Canada
Find your Provincial Constituency: Elections Saskatchewan

Campaign pages:

Laundry and Linen Privatization

Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA Campaign)

All Out To Stop The Cuts!

The SEIU-West Political Action and Awareness Committee supports the Protest at the Premier’s Fundraiser on Thursday, April 27 from 5-7pm at Prairieland Park. We invite you to join this important action!

Opening of the The Meadows: Letter to Beth Vachon

We appreciate your warm welcom in providing our group with a tour of the new facility and we certainly share your sense of pride. In addition, we would liek to extend our warmest regards to teh staff who perform hands-on care and so much more…

SEIU-West response to our Federal Minister of Health letter re: Public Health Care

On October 21, SEIU-West received a response from our Federal Minister of Health regarding the expired Health Accord. Here is our response to the Honourable Jane Philpott:

Response to SEIU-West from Federal Health Minister re: Health Accord

On April 1, 2016, SEIU-West sent a letter to our new Federal Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, outlining our concern around the expiry of the Canada Health Accord. We have received a response:

Iron and Earth: Oil Sands Workers for Renewable Energy!

Saskatchewan and Alberta are the hot spots for solar energy, yet other provinces seem to be leading the way. Other provinces are generating more renewable energy and investing more into renewable energy research – we must take part in the transition to renewable energies.

Environment Week: Reports From The Peoples’ Climate Plan!

In celebration of Environment Week, SEIU-West is proud to share the reports from members of the PAAC – we also invite you to attend an Iron and Earth Presentation in Saskatoon shortly after Environment Week so you can learn more about green jobs!

Together We Strive For Fairness Conference 2016

The Political Action and Education Department alongside the Political Action and Awareness Committee hosted a 2 day conference around important social justice issues and political engagement – have a look!

PAAC Potluck & Karaoke Night!

The SEIU-West Political Action and Awareness Committee (PAAC) hosted a fun evening of food and karaoke – check it out!

Open Letter to the Minister of Health: Enforce Our Canada Health Act!

We are deeply troubled by the number of violations of the Canada Health Act across the country, the decreased federal financial commitment beginning next year, and the lack of progress on a national public drug plan and a national seniors’ plan.

Support YOUR sister!

The SEIU-West Political Action and Awareness Committee (PAAC) is pleased to announce their support of their Union Sister Karen Purdy, who has recently taken community leadership to the next level. Karen is a candidate for Moose Jaw Wakamow Constituency in the 2016 provincial …

Taking Charge of Change – Online program for Young Workers

Taking Charge of Change (TCC) is an intensive eight-week activist training program for young union members and youth activists (age 30 and under) who want to lead, build and organize for change. This program takes place in a participatory online learning environment. Read more…

Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

First, allow me to join with millions of voices across Canada and the globe in congratulating you on such a strong victory in our October 19, 2015 federal election. There is much work to do to begin to repair the damage wrought by Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.
We write to you today on behalf of over 13,000 SEIU-West members across Saskatchewan, in response to your correspondence of April 22, 2015, regarding bill C-377 and C-525. SEIU-West has written to many Senators, of all political stripes, appealing to their better judgement not pass C-377, both in its original form and when it was revived, unchanged, by the Conservatives. Saskatchewan Senator Lillian Dyck referred to our submission extensively in the debate in Senate on C-377.

Purple Votes Survey: We Want YOUR Feedback!

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Unionism on Turtle Island: Report

I deeply feel that unless and until society understands the pain and the history of aggressive assimilation (or attempted genocide of a culture) that First Nations and Metis Peoples have endured, no one can heal. We need to stand up and demand better.. My heart was so happy to see that everyone in the group “got it” and committed to share their knowledge with their community. This is how we create change. This is how we heal.

Letter: Essential Services Consultation

I am writing in response to the September 9, 20 15 letter forwarded by Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, Don Morgan. His letter advises of a consultation process being undertaken by government with a planned conclusion date of September 30,2015. …

Labour Day of Action!!

Come one and come all to the September 19 Labour Day of Action! President of the Canadian Labour Congress, Hassan Yusseff, will be joining labour activists in Saskatoon – and we want you there! Click on the pictures for more info!

Submission to the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety on the Status of Bill 128

Labour Relations in Essential Services in Saskatchewan Following the Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision in Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v. Saskatchewan: Submission to the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety on the Status of Bill 128 – July 30, 2015

An Open Letter to Don Morgan – Reinstate Marg Romanow to Saskatchewan’s Workers’ Compensation Board!

Dear Minister Morgan,

I write to you today to share my disappointment in learning of your decision to discontinue the appointment of Marh Romanow, the current…..

Growing Justice – A Lobby Kit for Taking Action!

When we recognize a problem, we need to get out there, join our brothers and sisters, and demonstrate how it should be fixed. Getting involved makes a difference. You will find allies, make friends and build a team to engage in these issues with. We must ensure that those in power are held in check and are held accountable, but that means getting involved. On this site, you will find the SEIU-West Political Action & Education Department’s Lobby Kit. In the Kit, you’ll have the tools, tips and resources to get involved and create social change. The fact sheets should motivate you to take action, and we have many supportive tools for taking action – they range from writing your publicly elected officials to creating a petition to door knocking! Check out all the links below to find out more! For an (awesome) visual presentation of the lobby kit, click here.

The CLC’s Election Preparation Conference: Report!

On January 8th and 9th 2015, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) along with the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour hosted an Election Preparation Conference.
As Co-Chair of the SEIU-West Political Action and Awareness Committee, I am going to share some information about the four priorities that the CLC has set out for the next Federal Election – these priorities are also likely to be at the fore during Saskatchewan’s Provincial Election.