Transformational Change

On this page, SEIU-West will be sharing up-to-date information as we receive it around ‘transformational change’ in Saskatchewan. Most recently, the Sask Party government announced its decision to eliminate the number of health regions from 12 to 1. The Education sector is currently under review as well. It is vital that all members receive information pertaining to these large undertakings, so please check this page regularly for updates.

A particular highlight was the SEIU-West led Day of Action to Support Local Jobs and Economies on May 17. Purple organized actions across Saskatchewan – from Kindersley to Saskatoon, from Eastend to Moose Jaw, from Cabri to Watson, members came out in full force to ensure our government understands the impact that a cut to our wages can have on our local communities. If we have 3.5% less, our local grocery has 3.5% less. Is this really the legacy this government wants to leave behind?

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