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Public Health Care:

SEIU-West members and leaders have joined the Canadian Health Coalition and others who are calling on the federal government to meet and revive their partnership with the provinces towards a renewed Health Accord.

Just the Facts: Canada Health Accord

Who wins when the federal government unilaterally decides to abandon their stewardship role of our health care system in Canada?  And what do we have to lose?

We may end up with 13 disparate health care systems in our provinces and territories based on what each can afford.  In Saskatchewan, we could potentially lose up to $100 million out of our health care funding.  This loss of funding has the potential to setback the health care system we know, as well as, many other social programs in our province.

As Canadians, we deserve publicly delivered health care that is comprehensive, universal, portable, and accessible on a uniform basis.  This is what is set out in The Canada Health Act.  We need to ensure that our politicians understand clearly that we value medicare, in its founding province, now more than ever.  And we want to preserve it.

This campaign provides a vehicle for our members, their families and the people in their communities to voice their concern and to urge our provincial leaders to agitate the federal government.  We need the government of Saskatchewan to demand the negotiation of a renewed Health Accord on our behalf.

Join the campaign and send your message today!


SEIU-West members are extremely concerned about the decisions being made by government to privatize (contract out) our public services in Saskatchewan.

These decisions will not result in improved service, nor will they lead to any cost savings.

2013-Web-Button-We-deserve-PublicPut simply – there is no regulated standard of care imposed on a private for-profit provider/corporation. So we lose the security of knowing that the service will meet the standard set by the public employer and be provided by professional staff with the required qualifications and training.

Most often privatization results in lower wages for workers – and big profits for the private for-profit provider/corporation.

Who wins when big profits leave the province? None of us do.

Who wins when public sector jobs are replaced with lower wages and fewer or no benefits? No one in our community.

As Canadians, we deserve public. We do not want to sacrifice our quality of service – with a view to increasing corporate profits.

This campaign will be exploring the various areas identified by the government where they are contemplating or facilitating the privatization of public services.

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Say YES to Public Services!

Is the privatization of Saskatchewan’s vital public services really happening?
You bet it is. It is real and it is taking place quietly all across our province — in our hospitals, schools, roads, long term care facilities, and so much more.
Say YES to keeping and strengthening public services so they continue to benefit all of us today and tomorrow.

Send a letter to your MP demanding a renewal of our Canada Health Accord!

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Just the Facts: Canada Health Accord

Are you aware that the federal government is refusing to renew the Health Accord? Take Action!

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