Jeanette – Addictions Counsellor

"When former clients tell me how well they're doing, it makes me realize that we do make a difference" - Jeanette Quaal, Addictions Counsellor at Sask Impaired Driver Treatment Centre.

Jeanette has worked hard to achieve her status as an Addictions Counsellor after successfully completing her diploma with Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST). She particularly enjoys her time spent interacting with the clients during one-on-one sessions. Throughout her day, Jeanette ensures that group initiatives are facilitated properly, as per her guidance. She also takes on case management, CIMS computer work, and her highly-valued one- on-one sessions.

Jeanette finds it most memorable when former clients call to update how well they are doing and to tell her how much they appreciate the help they received while at the centre. We certainly appreciate it too, Jeanette!

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