SEA Campaign: Reply from Government and Follow Up Letter

Janice Platzke, Treasurer of SEIU-West, received a letter from the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety in reply to one of the emails she has sent her MLA through the SEA Campaign on-line campaign.

She has responded to the Minister as well and you can read both letters below:

Letter from Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety to Janice Platzke, and

Janice Platzke’s reply to the Minister’s letter.

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Rights for One, Rights for All!

By Cameron R. Goodfellow, Registered Technologist Nuclear Medicine (RTNM) & Member of SEIU-West By day I work alongside many of you in Saskatoon as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. I recently became more involved with our Union as a Shop Steward and I put my name forward to be the SEIU-West representative on...

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