SEA Campaign: Reply from Government and Follow Up Letter

Janice Platzke, Treasurer of SEIU-West, received a letter from the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety in reply to one of the emails she has sent her MLA through the SEA Campaign on-line campaign.

She has responded to the Minister as well and you can read both letters below:

Letter from Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety to Janice Platzke, and

Janice Platzke’s reply to the Minister’s letter.

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Celebrate Community Worker Appreciation Day!

SEIU-West is thrilled to celebrate Community Worker Appreciation Day on November 6, 2018! Community Workers work in Community Based Organizations (CBO), an immensely valuable sector that supports our most vulnerable populations. Our members who work in CBOs often work in group home settings where they’re able to improve the lives...

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