SEA Red Flag: 9 – Shake a Leg: No Rest for the Weary

The SEA sets out the basic rules for working people (with no union) regarding hours of work; it appears fewer workers will enjoy consecutive days off and many workers will not know if such protection exists until the government determines certain workplaces to be covered (or not). It’s like signing a contract without reading the fine print. Who do you think will have more influence with our government to determine these regulations, employers or working people? 

We can see the difference – can you?

See section 2-13 paragraphs (3) to (5): which will replace The Labour Standards Act

The SEA provides for only one day of rest every week where an employee works for 20 hours or more in a week. If the employee works in a particular workplace (named by the government) with more than 10 employees or in a particular category of employees (named by the government) they may be provided with two consecutive days off or they may not! What this means is that the government has all of the control over which workers and those workplaces where two consecutive days off will be the required period of rest. It is totally up to them as to which workplaces will be held to these rules.

In contrast, The Labour Standards Act sets out all workers enjoy two consecutive days off in a week where there are more than 10 employees in the workplace and the employee works for 20 hours or more in a week.

Take action now and let your MLA and the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety know that your work and family balance is important to you.

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