SEA Red Flag Issue 1: Stormy Seas Ahead

Our experience with collective bargaining continues to be plagued with roadblocks and delays. The SEA does nothing to improve this and in fact allows for the employer to force a membership vote on a last offer, and then, subsequently the Minister can force a membership vote on the same last offer. How is this time and money well spent if your Bargaining Committee sees both as poor offers and can’t bargain a fair collective agreement for you?

We can see the difference – can you?

See section 6-36 of the SEA (which will replace The Trade Union Act)

The SEA allows for both the employer and the government to force a vote on a last offer made in collective bargaining.  The last offer can be made by the employer at any time after bargaining has commenced and the SEA does not limit only one vote being ordered under this section; rather, if it is in the public interest – then a second vote can be ordered and there is no requirement that the last offer be improved or changed in any way.  This is like saying, ‘I know you turned down the last offer already, but are you sure that you won’t accept our last offer?’ and comes at the expense of the workers who also suffer a further delay in process.  This appears to be nothing but a bullying tactic.

Click here to tell your MLA that you don’t want more delays to the bargaining process.

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