SEIU-West Members Help Their Communities!

We know that SEIU-West members have hearts of gold. We see it in the jobs they do, the stories they tell, and the actions they take. We see purple out there helping communities every day.

To celebrate everything you do for the community, we have a contest:

Email to let us know by December 14th: where you work and what your facility does to make the holiday season better for others to enter to win a prize!

SEIU-West members across the province do so much during this holiday season to help others. We know some facilities do a scarves for homeless campaign, much like this one, others help The Lighthouse, some volunteer at local food banks or other organizations to assist in preparing Christmas meals, others donate presents for kids through Denny Carr’s Secret Santa or to seniors through groups like Kindersley’s Secret Santa for Seniors. We want to thank you all for caring so much for your communities and shine a light on all that you do!

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