Win of the Week! March 11-17

SEIU-West, SAHO, and the new Saskatchewan Health Authority have reached an agreement with respect to ongoing TOIL (time off in lieu), often a grievance issue.

It is now clear all SEIU-West members under the SAHO collective agreement will be able to bank TOIL if they wish.  Scheduling time off remains by mutual agreement.  TOIL banks will have a running cap of 100 hours, and banks will be paid out every year in March.

For members currently banking TOIL, the effective date of payout is March, 2019.  If a member’s department arrangements currently has no cap or a cap greater than 100 hours, the “better than” remains.

If a member’s department arrangements currently has a cap less than 100 hours, then the cap gets raised to 100 hours, effective right now.  If member is denied banking of TOIL, the ability to bank TOIL as per the terms is effective right now. Great work resolving grievances!

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