Name: Barbara Cape

Workplace Affiliated with SEIU-West: Parkside Extendicare

Hello, I’m Barbara Cape, your President of SEIU-West. I’d like to introduce myself and ask for your support for re-election as President.

I have been proud to serve our members and our union; working with you to resolve problems in the workplace like bullying, discrimination, collective agreement issues and raising the level of respect we have for ourselves, the work we do and pride in our skill and professionalism.

I have had great conversations with many of you as I came to understand the work you do and why you do it. You have been patient while passionately teaching me about your work. You have helped me become a better champion for all of our members. I want to continue that work together to help you stand up and demand fairness, respect, and a voice in our workplaces and communities.

On your behalf I bring many hard and soft skills to the table:

  • I led the merger of our three local unions into SEIU-West.
  • I sit as a member of the Minister of Labour’s Advisory Committee.
  • I have extensive experience at bargaining tables and negotiations
  • I have walked miles on picket lines across Canada and across the province with our members and in solidarity with other unions.

Brothers and sisters, this is our moment to move forward toward real progress on critical issues within our union. I speak of issues like:

  • short staffing,
  • member education, and
  • building leaders within our ranks.

Going forward it is important that we continue to educate politicians on how public services operate and are funded in our province especially in our current COVID environment
We need to reinvest in each other. Our differences are not what define us. I want us to proudly stand with movements for social justice and equality that respect First Nations, Black, People of Colour, and those who are marginalized. We will strengthen and build relationships with allies outside of our comfort zone.

I humbly but earnestly say that I have worked with our members and staff to lead SEIU-West with integrity, dignity and honour. Together we have raised the profile of SEIU-West. We have placed our focus on members and the services we provide. We have done this together. We engaged in tough contract fights with employers and government and, while we have been bruised, we stand together to fight another day.

We need to believe in the incredible power we have as SEIU-West members and not give up our ground. We have made some positive changes, but we have miles to go before we can say we have won real change. I have dedicated my life to this work and I ask for your support to continue to work together to improve people’s lives.

Should you have any questions, you can contact me directly at [email protected].

In Solidarity and Respect

Barbara Cape
Proud member of SEIU-West

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