Be Fair To Those Who Care

Send a letter with one easy click to your MLA, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Rural and Remote Health, the Minister of Labour, and the Minister of Finance – ask them to be fair to those who care, and to end understaffing. 

Your health care providers who work to ensure the people of Saskatchewan receive the care they need are struggling to get by. We’re facing increasingly complex needs, staff shortages on a regular basis, and work in one of the most dangerous environments in Saskatchewan. At the same time, many of us can no longer afford to work in health care. These conditions have caused providers to leave the health care sector, and it’s impacting others in their decision to join the health care team.

But we know what can make the difference.

Our government must create a health care environment that values the work we do in these difficult working conditions, and that means providing wages that retain and recruit your health care team. Better wages will attract more staff resulting in shorter wait times and safe care – it’s a win for us all.  

Send a letter to demand safe staffing and respect. 

You can access the campaign poster to share in your community here

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