To Whom It May Concern,

Recently, Swift Current (February 2021) and Estevan (March 2021) were both added to a growing list of Saskatchewan communities that have permanently lost their access to local Canadian Blood Services (CBS) blood donor clinics.

This is yet another cut to public services in smaller communities that make it harder and harder for people to participate in the life of the province we love. 

When they shut down these clinics, CBS told residents of smaller urban centres and rural areas they can travel to major cities to donate. How is it acceptable to make the people who live in rural Saskatchewan pay out-of-pocket by traveling in order to donate? Is it 'in you to give’…and give and give?

In addition to now having to travel, donors, considered valued members of ‘Canada’s Lifeline’, experience long waits, crowding - a rush to get as many Saskatchewan donors through as fast as possible while CBS continues to record surpluses and receives annual funding from the province those donors live and give in.

In 2019/20 the Government of Saskatchewan paid CBS approximately $42-mil. CBS consistently reports financial surpluses and enjoys assets totaling $1.16 billion plus $213 million cash on hand.

Why should Saskatchewan blood donors face such a dismal experience in addition to what they’ve already paid through taxes?

Where will CBS cut next? Prince Albert? Humboldt? 

As a concerned donor, I would like to know... why CBS is making it harder for people to give blood in Saskatchewan?


Signed, A Canadian Blood Services' Donor

Blood: It’s In You to Give (Unless You Live in Rural Saskatchewan)

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Despite issuing ongoing urgent pleas for blood donations from Saskatchewan residents, Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is proceeding with its plan to slash mobile blood-collecting clinics across rural Saskatchewan.

Add your name to the list of those protesting this unnecessary, inconvenient cut to rural health care services in Saskatchewan:

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