My name is Carmela Verwimp and I am running to be the next treasurer of SEIU-West.

I have been a proud member of SEIU-West since 2011 when my workplace became unionized and bargained our first contract. Since that time, I have been very involved in both my unit as a shop steward and the unit chair. I walked a picket line for 11 weeks in 2017, when we were locked out and continued to advocate for my co-workers and get a fair deal and get us back to work.

I joined the Executive Board of SEIU-West as the member-at-large representing the Community Based Organizations (CBO) sector eight years ago and since then have never looked back. I am part of a committee that represents workers from three unions who advocate for all workers rights and fair and just compensation for workers across this sector. I have met with MLA’s, done interviews for radio, television and also the Labour Reporter.

Committee work (Education Committee, Convention Planning Committee, Finance Committee, Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Women’) has been a big part of my union activities and of which I am very proud of. I have worked along side our current treasurer on the Finance Committee for six years, of which we have developed policies, budgets and wisely invested for the future of our union.

Three years ago I was selected by my peers to become the Ethics Liaison for SEIU-West. I take great pride in this position and with helping to build a stronger ethical culture in our union. I believe it is our responsibility as leaders to represent the members of this union in the most ethical way possible and that we be held to a very high standard.

I was the treasurer of our local minor sports club for four years, village administrator and also a member of the board of our local early learning centre. During this time I was able to build upon the knowledge I had and improve my skillset. I have taken accounting classes through SaskPolyTech to further enhance my skills and abilities.

It is with this experience, knowledge, skills and abilities that I feel I would be the candidate of your choice to represent you as the treasurer of our union. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I would be pleased to answer your question.

In solidarity

Carmela Verwimp


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