My name is Collen Denniss and I’m asking for your vote for re-election to the position of Trustee for SEIU-West.

I am a proud SEIU-West member from Rosetown where I am a CCA in Long Term Care. I am the Unit Chair at Rosetown and District Health Center. I have been part of the Education Committee, an education facilitator, Executive Board member and a member of the SAHO bargaining committee.

I have worked in LTC for 18 years and am a strong advocate for the staff and clients of the health care facilities in this province. I work hard and have spoken to newspapers, Mayors, MLAs, radio stations, government officials, Directors of LTC facilities and to members and people in my community. I believe we need our voices heard so that we can make a change in our facilities for all involved.

I have held the position of Trustee for SEIU-West for 7 years. I promise to do all that is required of the position, to do the job effectively, efficiently, and to be a responsible member of SEIU-West by making sure the finances are in order.

I hope I can count on your vote for the position of Trustee

Thank you for your time, stay safe

Colleen Denniss

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