Executive Board

The SEIU-West Executive Board is elected to be responsible for governance of all aspects of the union and its services to members.

The Board is committed to the spirit of open governance, and to maintaining accountability and transparency in its relationships with members. With that in mind, a summary of each monthly board meeting is prepared after each meeting and available on this page.

Current Executive Board List


2019 Board Meetings:

List subject to change.

January 10 Saskaton
February 13 Swift Current
March 7 Saskatoon
April 4 Moose Jaw
May 13 Saskatoon
June 6 Saskatoon
August 1 Swift Current
September 5 Saskatoon
October 3 Moose Jaw
November 7 Saskatoon
December 4 & 5 Saskatoon


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Purple Works Profile

SEIU-West celebrates Therapy Assistants Week September 15-21!

Therapy Assistants who are members of SEIU-West typically work as Occupational Therapy Assistants and/or Physiotherapy Assistants (OTPT).  These members of the health care team work to improve their client’s quality of life by supporting their ability to maximize movement, which contributes significantly to their client’s everyday activities. This vital part...

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