Candidate must have completed a full term (4 years) on the Executive Board.

Candidate must be a Member in Good Standing (MIGS).

Candidate must request (via [email protected]) a Declaration of Eligibility form from the Election Committee (EC):

  • Fill out, sign and have the form either:
    • a) witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths, or,
    • b) a member from your home unit who can vouch for you (must also be a MIGS).
  • Return form to the EC. Deadline to return is May 25 @ 12:00 noon.

Candidate may request (via [email protected]) Unit Contact Information for campaigning:

  • Request Candidate Unit Contact Information form from the EC,
  • Read, sign and return form to the EC. Deadline to return is May 26 @ 9:00 AM.

Candidate may request (via [email protected]) a Campaign Page for Convention

  • Request campaign page from EC. EC will provide campaign information regarding content and limitations.
  • Provide campaign material to the EC to be vetted for campaign webpage.
  • Deadline to guarantee campaign material will be included in the webpage for Convention is May 19 @ 12:00 noon.

Candidate must be a registered Delegate for Convention.

Candidate must be nominated, and seconded, by two members on the Convention floor during election. Nominator and seconder names must be provided by 12:00 (noon) May 25 (earlier is preferred).

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