Holding our Politicians Accountable

In order to be an informed voter, we need to access information on issues that affect our political choices. But what if you have some questions that you can’t find the answers to? Or what if there is a policy that a political party has proposed that you don’t agree with? At SEIU-West, we encourage members to lobby our government for changes to regulations and policy.

There are so many reasons to write to your MLA/candidate or your local newspaper – but more than anything, it’s a great way to ask questions and share information.

By using our Growing Justice Lobby Kit, you have all the information you need to write your MLA/Candidate or write a letter to the editor.

But lobbying isn’t just about writing either – it’s about getting involved. This could be acheived through member educationals, workplace actions, rallies, canvassing, and more!

What could be better than taking an active role in the upcoming election? How about winning a prize while you do it! When you write your MLA/candidate a letter, or when you write a letter to the editor, or when you get involved in any way during the provincial election, take a picture  and send it to actions@seiuwest.ca or post it to our Facebook page! By doing so, you will be entered to win a movie pass for two!! 

Good Luck!