Name: Janice Platzke

Workplace Affiliated with SEIU-West: Cypress Regional Hospital


Hello everybody! I am Janice Platzke your Treasurer and I am seeking your support on my re-election.

I have been a member of SEIU since 1991. During that time I have been a Sergeant at Arms, then Vice President and for 6 years I was the President of the former Local 336 and during this time I also served as Canadian Executive Council member and as an International Executive Board member.

The responsibilities that came with these varied elected positions formed the basis for my extensive financial experience which included responsibility for all aspects of running our Local and the careful spending necessary to serve member needs. This position requires sharp attention to detail - double checking all the financial transactions, exceptional organizational skills - managing a busy schedule with tight timelines. At the same time I am routinely dealing with large volumes of paperwork so ability to multi-task is essential.

As your Treasurer, I pledge to continue my work with our Finance Committee to develop sound financial policies and responsible financial practices. I must work to the highest ethical standards which I believe I exceed every day.

I also provide a strong voice and sound judgement on several Provincial Committees including the Provincial Bargaining Committee, Extended Health and Enhanced Dental Plan, Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee, Saskatchewan Healthcare Employee’s Pension Plan and our Local Grievance Committee, to name a few. These committee obligations have created a foundation of knowledge that help me serve the membership daily.

A major achievement I take pride in is our purchase of the Saskatoon Superior Cabinets building which we have owned for 10 years now. The building was appraised at $5.4 million and we negotiated a purchase price of $4.2 million. I applied to our credit union for a $3 million mortgage; based on our lease agreement with Superior, I agreed to mortgage payments at $25 thousand per month. Given that our old building was appraised at $900 thousand and we sold it for $1.4 million, I applied that amount directly on our mortgage.

As a result the 15 year mortgage was paid off entirely in less than 3 years!

I have an agreement with the credit union to keep the mortgage open so if we ever needed to borrow money we could borrow at mortgage rates and not prime lending rates. To date, we have collected over $2.6 million in rent. With this regular income, we operate all 3 offices for about $30 thousand per year.

We currently have over $2 million in our five bank accounts and at the end of 2020 we had a surplus budget totalling over $2.1 million. As well we have 5 Guaranteed Investment Certificates containing over $2.5 million. I believe through my careful stewardship we are making positive progress keeping SEIU-West financially strong with solid assets and careful investment management and planning strategies. My ongoing policy is to ensure full transparency on all significant financial decisions using our process of checks and balances that have been developed since the creation of SEIU-West. Therefore, I provide comprehensive information pieces to the Finance Committee and the Executive Board with the rationale for all of my recommendations.

I am proud of the work we have done together and would be truly grateful for the opportunity to continue as your Treasurer. I will continue to deliver the accountability, transparency and integrity that I believe our members should demand and deserve! Thank you for your support!

Janice Platzke - Treasurer of SEIU-West

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