Name: Jason Monteith

Workplace Affiliated with SEIU-West: Royal University Hospital 

Jason Monteith for SEIU-West Treasurer

Proven leadership, innovative ideas, driven by a fresh new prospective!”

I humbly asking for your support at this year’s SEIU-West Convention to vote Jason Monteith for Treasurer. I’m a power engineer and licensed refrigeration engineer at Royal University Hospital and the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital (RUH/JPCH) in Saskatoon. A proud SEIU union member for 23 years and I have been a shop steward for over 20 years! I have been the Unit Chair at RUH/JPCH for nearly 10 years and proudly represent over 2000 SEIU-West members from our largest facility in the province, on the SEIU-West Executive Board for 8 years, a member facilitator that believes in empowering members through education to be strong voices and leaders within their workplaces and an Executive Council Vice-President of the Saskatchewan Federation Of Labour.

Why am I running for Treasurer?

I feel it’s time for real change! I believe in equal representation and feel we need to be sure that all members have direct access to a Top Officer. Currently the home base for all of our top officers (President, Vice President and Treasurer) is the Moose Jaw and Swift Current offices and we don’t have a Top Officer based out of Saskatoon. Having lived in both rural and urban Saskatchewan I know the challenges faced in both and commit to work tirelessly to ensure all members are represented fairly! While I admire the work that Janice has done over the past 12 years, it’s time for fresh new ideas and innovative strategies to move us into the future! I understand finance, I was involved in running a business in Saskatoon for several years. Former Chair of the SEIU-West Personnel Committee, a committee responsible for overseeing statement of activities and developing salary agreements for our President, Vice President, Treasure and our Directors. I have strong investment knowledge and I am confident that I have the mindset to start seeing balanced budgets instead of deficit budgets.

“I am not satisfied with status quo and seeing deficit budgets being presented year after year! We all know that deficit budgets are unsustainable and the last thing I want to see is your dues going up to balance the budget!”


SEIU-West Member Testimonials:

  • Tami Forrest (Cardiology Technologist): “I was very excited to learn that Jason is running SEIU-West Treasurer. I could not think of a better person to represent SEIU-West. Jason is always looking out for the best interests of all members and shows so much positive support.”
  • Lois Camacho (Scheduler): “I am very excited to give my vote for Jason for Treasurer. Having the opportunity to work by his side for the last 4 years has allowed me to see he’s driven, fiscally responsible, compassionate and always focus on making sure we are doing everything we can to represent you, the members.”
  • Bob Rowe (RUH OHC Co-Chair): “Jason is a natural leader, always a strong voice for not just SEIU-West members, but for all working people. I am voting for Jason”

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