Letter to Premier Scott Moe and Jim Reiter (August, 2020)

Letter to Premier Scott Moe and Jim Reiter (August, 2020)


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Premier Scott Moe and Jim Reiter

We are a group of CCAs that work in LTC. Collectively, we have decided to have our voices heard about our working conditions and our opinion regarding our lack of a contract for three and a half years!

We have been working short staffed for years and this has escalated since March of this year. Cohorting has not allowed staff to come into our Facility. We are having understaffing issues that are bordering on Occupational Health and Safety violations. We are all exhausted and worn out and we all know, working under those conditions is not healthy for us or the Residents we care for.

Mistakes get made working under these conditions and pressure! Mistakes are something no one wants at this time, not even you. Our families want the best of us; but when we come home so exhausted, there is little quality time spent with our families. Our families matter to us too!

We have wrung ourselves out caring for our Residents keeping them cared for and safe during this pandemic. We have been care givers and extended family to our Residents. We have shopped on our off time for our Residents, we have laughed with them, talked with them and cried with them. When one of our Residents passes away, we don’t even have time to grieve the loss!!

As for our outstanding three and a half year contract, you have disappointed every one of us! We just shake our heads and wonder what you expect of us working at this pace, and on top of it all, you and your Government are telling all of us and our co-workers we are worth ZERO! We would all like you to know, we ARE worth more than ZERO!

Our Residents think we are worth more than ZERO! Our Residents’ families think we are worth more than ZERO! You have made yourself very unpopular as the Premier in our Province with every SHA Employee. You have sat back and watched your Provincial Health Care workers being insulted with Zeros and neither one of you stepped up on our behalf! Everyone of us are your Saskatchewan citizens.

We contribute to our communities; we pay taxes to our Cities and small towns as well as our Provincial Government. We are all voters!

We DO NOT want a reply to this letter. We want you to use your power as the Premier to see that we get a fair contract. If you won’t do that, we want you to take a drive to Saskatoon, come into our Facility, sit down with us and look us all in the eye and tell us to our faces that we are all worth ZERO to you and your Saskatchewan citizens!!


LTC Employees

SEIU Members



Marino Balicanta

Lacey Rau

Oksana Sakhats

Lagria Gayeah

Alma Bartsch

Annze Uche

Chloe Schulte

Blanche Gerard

Esther Ogunrinde