Letter to the Editor: Fact or Fiction? (July, 2020)

Letter to the Editor: Fact or Fiction? (July, 2020)



Our Health Minister, Jim Reiter, continues to speak publicly about the additional people hired in our health care system under his watch. This would lend us to believe that Saskatchewan people are receiving more health care services, right? 

He clearly is not paying attention to the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) data that was made available on June 26, 2020. In the last five years, the hours of work done by home care workers has declined by 8%.

This means clients in need of home care have to pay out-of-pocket or look elsewhere for assistance. When will our Minister of Health realize that he cannot afford to continue to ignore the facts?  

As a health care provider, I am beginning to wonder if these fictions are purposeful or whether his head is just not in the game. The public needs to understand his rose-coloured narratives are just that; together, we need to demand transparency and accountability from our government.  

Our invitation still stands Mr. Reiter: come and walk a day in our shoes so you actually see what’s really going on.


Janice Platzke
Treasurer, SEIU-West