Letter to the Premier - Deidre Wilson, CCA (July, 2020)

Letter to the Premier - Deidre Wilson, CCA (July, 2020)


Dear Premier Moe,

I would like you to pause and consider why there has been an 8% decline in home care hours of work within the Sask Health Authority since 2014.

As a home care worker for many years in the Moose Jaw community, I know that we regularly have clients on a wait list. I also know that many seniors have been required to pay out-of-pocket for services that are not available to them. Still others are forced to seek long term care or access emergency services which we all know is more costly.

While home care is the preferred option for our seniors – we continue to have too few full-time jobs in home care and our hours of home care services have diminished; yet the need in the community is more pronounced than ever. 

I am asking you to quit paying lip service to our seniors - make a real investment in health care for their benefit. This means creating real full-time jobs in home care and ensuring fulsome access to home care services so that their needs can be met. 

I am also asking for you to stand up for health care workers: the government needs health care workers – this has become very evident in the past four months. For home care, we need to ensure recruitment of qualified Continuing Care Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses; to this end, I ask that you give new instructions to the Sask Assoc of Health Organizations. 2016 wage rates don’t pay the bills – we need a fair contract that accounts for inflation.


Home Care Continuing Care Aide

Deidre Wilson