Letter to the Premier - Dennel Pickering, CCA (June, 2020)

Letter to the Premier - Dennel Pickering, CCA (June, 2020)


Dear Mr Premier,

When I met you at your BBQ a couple summers ago you didn't immediately dismiss me. I had hope that we had a Premier who would listen to constituents. It took several months, but I was given the opportunity to sit with you and my SEIU-West President and a staff member to talk about my health care concerns.  It seemed you gained an understanding of the short staffing crisis. I was hopeful. I went to budget day like a kid on Christmas morning. While I was disappointed, I still had hope that you were going to act in our seniors' best interests by creating legislation for minimum care staffing levels. I know things take time in government, nothing happens overnight.

So imagine my shock when I wrote to you on April 20th and I didn't even get a form letter reply from you. You forwarded my letter to Minister Harpauer.  She has done nothing to demonstrate to me that she cares about any constituent, and certainly not health care workers outside her constituency, so I've given up talking to her. She sent a substandard reply over a month later and that day I asked her to redirect the letter back to you.

I wrote you.

"It's deeply disturbing that you couldn't even respond to my valid concerns. I'm losing hope for you. Then when I talked to my friends, they told me that the same thing happened to them. While it was comforting to see that it wasn't just me that you refused to respond to, it was also alarming that you didn't seem to want to hear from any front line health care workers."

When did this shift happen? Is there a reason that you don't care what we have to say anymore? We've demonstrated loyalty by showing up every day, by agreeing to cohorting (which has caused severe short staffing issues at my workplace and financial stress for many) and by caring for and about our most vulnerable. I will always advocate for my co-workers and clients. I'm asking you to advocate for us. Or at the very least, respond to us.

I look forward to hearing from you. My Premier.


Dennel Pickering