Letter to the Premier - Marte Olsen, Unit Clerk (June, 2020)

Letter to the Premier - Marte Olsen, Unit Clerk (June, 2020)


Premier Scott Moe,

Firstly, I want to thank you for your Leadership during this pandemic. I am sure you never dreamt when you took on the responsibility of being Premier of Saskatchewan you would be faced with this horrendous task of keeping all the citizens of Saskatchewan safe during a Pandemic. You made some very tough decisions showing leadership and empathy. From the beginning of this pandemic, at times I am sure you felt like you were herding cats!! I give you an A report card.

Now, I would like to talk about Healthcare Employees in Saskatchewan. I have been an employee of SHA for 26 years, presently employed in LTC. My first letter to you was in April, at that time it was all hands on deck! When I look back now, I have tremendous respect for every one of my co-workers right across the board from LTC, Home Care and Acute Care as well as other Health Care Employees. Your Health Care workers are all a family. We are strong, dependable, resilient and dedicated! I am having a difficult time understanding that a Leader that can show such empathy and care for Saskatchewan people can show such disregard and unimportance to your Health Care Employees that assisted you in keeping our Province’s citizens safe! All SHA Employees are part of your Team during this Pandemic and worked alongside of you, following your Leadership decisions, while keeping our Residents, Patients, and Clients safe and healthy and keeping ourselves safe and healthy!! Our responsibility is an immense undertaking! Our report card for the last 4 months should be an A++!

We certainly do not deserve to be treated with such disrespect as reflected in our last contract SEIU bargaining offer! We do not deserve to be sitting with no pay raise for 3 years! We do not deserve to have the Leader of our Province turn your back on us! We are part of your Team! How is it, part of you and your Team get your pay increases and part of your Team gets nothing??

I am not sure if you have considered this or not, your treatment and unfairness, in our 3 year over due SEIU contract, is creating substantial anger, resentment and low morale in Health Care Employees. As I said, we are strong and we are resilient BUT none of us will tolerate being told we are “unworthy” day after day for 3 years! That is the message you are sending us. In this real world, I call that physiological abuse, being told you are “unworthy” over and over again, day after day for 3 years!!

As part of your Team, I am asking you for fairness, empathy and logical thinking that you are capable of.

I am asking you to sit down and think about if you want to keep sending us the message that we are unworthy or if you want to show fairness to this part of your Team. Please remember, you could have not got your A report card without us! We had your back, now let’s see if you have our backs!


Marte Olsen

SEIU Member

Part of your Team