Letter to the Premier - Marte Olsen, Unit Clerk (July, 2020)

Letter to the Premier - Marte Olsen, Unit Clerk (July, 2020)


Good morning Premier Moe,

It’s me again! Marte Olsen, employee in LTC, SEIU Member. I have decided to make sure to thank you for something you have done in every letter I write you. This will be my 3rd letter to you.

Thank you to replying to my last letter and personally signing the reply correspondence.

Thank you for bringing attention to: $7K raised by women swimming 90 kilometre relay at Last Mountain Lake, on your face book page. One of those ladies that did that swim was my daughter. Aren’t you proud of the strength, commitment and generosity shown in Saskatchewan? That is what kind of people our Province is made of!

SEIU Health Care Employees are also part of the strong, committed, generous contribution to your Province! We are men and women that have been patient for the past 3 ½ years waiting for a fair contract settlement. When we are constantly contributing and haven’t seen anything in return.

We are feeling used, very un-appreciated, ignored and angry.

Aren’t you appreciative of your Health Care worker’s contribution to your Province?

Aren’t you grateful to be a Premier of a Province with such committed dedicated people?

Doesn’t knowing SEIU Health Care Employees are suffering financially bother your conscience?

Do you sit down at your supper table and silently give thanks and have gratitude for Health Care Employees in your Province?

Do we not contribute to the Saskatchewan economy? When you ask us to “step-up” do we not always “step-up”? 

I have so many questions I would like answers for. So many questions my co-workers would also like answers for.

SEIU Members are all still out here contributing and keeping our sick, elderly and disabled people of Saskatchewan safe so you can go about your business of making our Province strive again. We are still contributing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year BUT our patience has come to an end and my hope is that job action isn’t the only solution!

My last invitation asking you to make time to sit with me is still open.

I look forward to your reply to my invitation and/or a reply to answers to my questions.

Marte Olsen

SEIU Member

Saskatoon Sk.