Take Action: 2020 Saskatchewan Provincial Election

During the 2020 Saskatchewan Provincial Election, SEIU-West is excited to re-launch Purple Votes!

The goal of the Purple Votes campaign is to engage members on important provincial election issues, share candidate responses to our questionnaires, encourage member-to-member communication, and ultimately increase informed voter turnout within our membership.

There are also many ways to get involved AND win prizes! Check it out:

1. Text-to-Win!

Join our SEIU-West text messaging platform to participate in questions/polls related to the election for the chance to win a gift card!

Signing up is easy – simply text the word ‘SEIU’ to the number 52267.

2. Pledge to Vote!

We want you to talk with your co-workers, neighbours, friends and family about the important issues that matter to your community and pledge to vote in the upcoming provincial election.

For every member who collects a full page of signatures, your name will be entered to win a visa gift card!

And each time you fill a page, your name will be entered to win.

Send your completed pledge forms to actions@seiuwest.ca by October 26, 2020 for your chance to win.

Click here to download a printable PDF file of the Pledge to Vote sheet.

3. Request a Sign

Fill out this online form to request signs (I'm a Health Care Voter and/or #DoneWaiting), buttons, license plates, and posters that you can use to display your pledge to vote in the upcoming provincial election.

Put the sign in your window or on the front lawn to let your MLA candidates know your priority is health care.

Take a selfie with your sign and send it to actions@seiuwest.ca to be entered to win a gift card! 

4. Why I Vote

Take a picture of yourself and/or video and tell us why you plan to vote this provincial election.

Send them to actions@seiuwest.ca to be entered to win a gift card! 

5. Share our Stuff

Visit PurpleVotes.ca regularly to check out the latest on issues and share them with your friends and family. 

6. Write a Letter to the Editor or your MLA Candidate!

Take a picture of your letter and you could win our Lobbying Contest!

If you need assistance writing your letter, please email actions@seiuwest.ca

7. Ask the Tough Questions

It’s door knocking season!

Here are questions you can ask MLA candidates who want you to vote for them this year:

  • Home care service allows people to access health care services without being in hospital or a long-term care home, but since 2014, home care services have been cut by 8% - what will your government do to ensure Saskatchewan’s aging population has access to public home care services?
  • The spotlight has shone on health care during the COVID-19 pandemic, but understaffing remains in crisis – what will your government do to ensure residents, patients, and clients have effective staffing levels in order to provide quality health care? This questions applies to both long-term care and acute care.
  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) provide programs and services to children, those struggling with addictions, people facing mental health challenges, people living with intellectual or physical disabilities, and much more. However, CBOs do not receive stable funding – this results in lower quality care, job insecurity, and low wages. What will your government do to ensure CBOs have stable multi-year funding?
  • COVID-19 has left many families and education workers concerned about the education plan – even before the pandemic, many were concerned about overcrowding in classrooms. What will you do to ensure reasonable class sizes and a safety plan for schools across the province?

8. Read SEIU-West's Letter to Party Leaders

Check out the questionnaire sent to all provincial party leaders regarding SEIU-West member issues.

Stay tuned for more information being added to PurpleVotes.ca!



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