New Member Orientation (NMO): Become a SEIU-West Orientation Presenter!

New Member Orientation (NMO): SEIU-West Presenter - Application

The Saskatchewan Health Authority hires new staff who become SEIU-West members on a regular basis and when this happens, staff are invited to join orientation week. During orientation, new staff are introduced to working in health care, including information around being a SEIU-West member!

SEIU-West members present important introductory information to new members during New Member Orientation (NMO), including valuable information such as our Member Resource Centre and our educational opportunities. 

SEIU-West is currently seeking members who are interested in taking NMO: SEIU-West Presentation Training so you can help deliver our message to new SEIU-West members! If you ever wanted to get more involved, this is a perfect way to introduce yourself without committing to much time. We are seeking 4-6 members who are comfortable with public speaking from each of the former Saskatoon, Five Hills, Heartland, and Cypress Hills Health Regions. Time spent presenting is covered by the Employer and SEIU-West offers assistance to cover any expenses!

The application deadline for this training opportunity has now passed. 

Which former health region do you work out of?