On the Doorstep: 8 questions to Ask Your Candidates

Its door knocking season, and SEIU-West encourages you to open those doors with confidence AND questions!

Here are 8 questions that you can use at your door:

  1. What will you do to make sure that the federal government sustains and strengthens public health care across Canada, regardless of incomes?
  2. What will your party do to ensure that all students have the resources they need to succeed in school?
  3. What will you do to shape Canada’s response to the climate crisis and ensure a just transition for workers in the shift to renewable energies?
  4. What will you do to make sure that all Canadian parents, wherever they live and whatever their income, have access to good quality, regulated child care?
  5. What will you do to ensure that people have better access to good secure jobs, post-secondary education, home ownership, and a good quality of life without overwhelming student debt or having to work several part-time jobs just to get by?
  6. What will you do to make sure that Canadians retain and strengthen their control of our public services?
  7. With the rise in hate crimes in Canada, what will your party do to address the inflamed racism and division amongst our communities?
  8. Do you and your party support the countless Canadians in their call for a universal public pharmacare program?