ProCAT - Put Care First!


The mission of the Provincial Contract Action Team (ProCAT) is to organize and maintain the communications plan and protocol during health care collective bargaining for all facilities, services, and agencies within former Health Regions represented by SEIU-West (Cypress, Five Hills, Heartland, and Saskatoon). 

The ProCAT is the link between the general membership and the bargaining committee.

The committee will support the bargaining team by planning activities that engage and activate our members including but not limited to public information sessions, unit meetings, and other ad hoc events as needed.

Members of this team will build solidarity in the union and ensure that communication from the bargaining committee reaches Unit Contract Action Teams who will then flow information to the general members and work on unit-level actions.

Request an Event

Would you like to host an event in support of your bargaining team? 

We've put together a Put Care First! Event Checklist so you know what to expect as a host. 

Use the ProCAT Event Request form to submit your event request today. 

Team Members

Dawnita Body, Assistant Cook (Kerrobert and District Health Centre) – 306-372-7834

Sheila Boruch, Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN (Cypress Regional Hospital) – 306-741-3949

Cheryl Champagne, Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN (St. Paul’s Hospital)

Chelsea Loraas  Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN (St. Paul’s Hospital)

Leisa Motilaga, Assistant Cook (Outlook Integrated Health Facility)

Lou-Ellen Murray, Senior Home Care Scheduler (Southwest Integrated Health Facility) – 306-662-6136

Karen Purdy, Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN (Moose Jaw Home Care/Wigmore Hospital) – 306-630-3138

Leta Raquel-Lee, Health Records Clerk (Royal University Hospital) – 306-203-1544

Sara Pierrard, Continuing Care Assistant (Bethany Pioneer Village)

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