A Message From Your Provincial Contract Action Team (ProCAT) #Ready2Go

SEIU-West member leaders attended the legislature on June 16, 2020 to convey a message to our provincial government and the general public, through the media, on behalf of our health care providers employed within the Sask Health Authority.  The message from SEIU-West health care providers was ‘everybody is ready to go!’

Now is our chance to prove it.

While we remain restricted by the government’s many obstacles in The Saskatchewan Employment Act, including the negotiation of essential services, we are able to share info with the public as we manage these steps.  Let’s make the most of this opportunity. We would like to do this safely & responsibly in the context of COVID-19.  However, we need to engage the support of the public in advance of any job action and we need members to help with this.

We know through recent Insightrix polling that 97% of the general public agree health care providers play vital roles in our fight against health threats such as COVID-19.  We also know that almost 90% agree the Government should ensure that these workers have wages and working conditions that properly recognize their vital role. 

We need to set up small info pickets in our communities.  We need to act in a responsible fashion – so keeping our attendee numbers fewer than what is in the current Public Health Order, practicing physical distancing and using (PPE) masks. 

Can you help with this effort – we will need under 30 health care providers from each workplace to wear their work gear & assist with an info picket for about an hour in each of our communities?  If you would like to help please contact the ProCAT via the [email protected] email address. 

Let's prove we're #Ready2Go!