Respond to the Minister of Finance - We Need Real Answers & Real Solutions to Put Care First!

In response to our End Understaffing campaign the Minister of Finance, Donna Harpauer, has started sending out an emailed reply to those that have participated in the online letter initiative. You can read that response here. As you may also experience, many health care providers and their communities are shocked by the response. The Minister of Finance completely ignored the recruitment, retention, and workload issues requiring urgent attention, and instead focused on MLA wages and their (already large) salaries in comparison to other elected officials. As you are no doubt aware,  MLAs earn much higher salaries (and allowances) than health care providers so her response has offended many health care workers who recognize she is ignoring the dire situation and the potential to provide professional world-class health care in Saskatchewan. We have therefore drafted a public, collective response  that we encourage you to send as a reply to the Minister of Finance (cc'd to the Minister of Health and your MLA).

It is vital that we join together to demand that health care be a priority in this province – we need to ensure our elected officials provide real answers, and real action. Together, our province can make sure patients, residents, clients, and health care providers have access to a safe and quality health care system – together, we can put care first.