SEA Campaign – Background

In May of 2012, the Saskatchewan Government introduced a process they called ‘A Consultation Paper on the Renewal of Labour Legislation’. They stated that they wanted to hear from all stakeholders as they moved to modernize our labour legislation and that they wanted to make it easier to understand. They gave notice that all responses had to be submitted in a 90 day window and they included 15 different labour laws in the mix. Not only was this process being rushed; it was an overwhelming project to take on going into summer.

We had over 200 of our members and a large number of our leaders in SEIU-West that cleared their schedule and worked hard to put together a full reply. In addition, approximately 2,000 SEIU-West members participated by way of the ‘Keep Saskatchewan Moving Forward’ postcard campaign.

On December 4, 2012, the Saskatchewan Government introduced the new Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA). The bill is 184 pages in length and it is intended to replace 12 current labour laws including, The Labour Standards Act, The Trade Union Act, The Occupational Health & Safety Act, The Health Labour Relations Reorganizations Act, among others.

Like an iceberg, Bill 85, the new Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA) may look harmless on the surface, but as we know, 90% of an iceberg is hidden under the water.

What lies beneath?

Do you really know how these changes will affect you and your children’s working lives?

SEIU-West has launched the SEA Campaign in order to offer highlights of the lengthy bill and to encourage discussions and questions about the upcoming changes.

In this campaign, we have identified 10 Red Flag issues that working people should take another look at; let’s ask the government to fix these problems in the legislation before it is made law.

One Red Flag issue will be released every week for next 10 week period. You can participate by emailing your MLA, the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, as well as the Opposition Labour Critic. You can call your MLA with your concerns as well.

SEIU-West would like you to check back regularly and pick the issue(s) that you think need to be changed.

If you would like to have a sneak peak at the issues we’ve identified, click on the SEA Brochure.

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