SEA Campaign: Reply from Government and Follow Up Letter

Janice Platzke, Treasurer of SEIU-West, received a letter from the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety in reply to one of the emails she has sent her MLA through the SEA Campaign on-line campaign.

She has responded to the Minister as well and you can read both letters below:

Letter from Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety to Janice Platzke, and

Janice Platzke’s reply to the Minister’s letter.

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Education Week: 2020

From November 22-28, SEIU-West is proud to recognize and celebrate Education Week! SEIU-West is pleased to acknowledge the work that Education Assistants, Library Technicians, Custodians, Tradespeople, Food Service Workers, Administrative Assistants, and School Bus Drivers do to prepare students for tomorrow. The SEIU-West education team ensure our children experience quality...

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