SEA Campaign Update

You may have read it in the Newspaper and seen it on TV; yes Bill 85 has passed with Amendments.

Though it seems that the government did not amend the legislative provisions that pertain specifically to Unions, their amendments were undoubtedly informed in part by your participation in the SEIU-West SEA Campaign.

Government of Saskatchewan media release: NEW LABOUR LEGISLATION FOR SASKATCHEWAN

Here is the SEIU-West Media Release that was sent out on May 14, 2013: From Progressive to Regressive

What are others saying?

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) says that working people’s interests have been ignored.

Law Professor Dr. David Doorey posted “Saskatchewan’s Bill 85: When Ideology Trumps Good Sense?” (, and was quoted in Murray Mandryk, Political Columnist for the Leader Post and Star Phoenix wrote a piece called “Labour Relations may get rockier“.

SEIU-West will continue to put pressure on the government to consider changes and provide input to the regulations as they are developed. As well, we will continue to prioritize providing input on future needed amendments to  the Essential Services legislation amendments with the Government and other stakeholders over the coming months.

We will keep you posted on these developments and anything that you can do to assist us in our communications with the employers and/or the government of Saskatchewan.

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