SEA Red Flag 4: No Longer in the Same Boat

The SEA creates a sharp divide in the workplace; between those who provide direct supervision and the other workers in the crew; putting them in 2 separate bargaining units. This will take the rungs out of the advancement ladder for many and may lend to workers having to start over if appointed to a supervisory job.  It may limit access to overtime, eliminate service credits (vacation/sick leave), and lend to other lost benefits including seniority and salary steps. Who wants to start over from square one?

We can see the difference – can you?

See section 6-1 (o) of the SEA (which will replace The Trade Union Act)

The SEA sets out a number of factors to consider in determining whether an employee is ‘supervisory’. These include: supervising employees, assigning work to employees, scheduling hours of work or overtime, providing feedback on appraisals or discipline.  This may include a large number of our members. The direction that SEA provides is that ‘supervisory employees’ should not be in the same bargaining unit with other workers.  That means in-scope supervisors would no longer be covered by the same collective agreement and maybe not even be represented by the same union. What does this mean for our union members who are committed to improving their skill set and advancing to higher level positions within the bargaining unit – we wouldn’t kick them out, would we?  Surely that cannot be.  It is disturbing that the SEA  may pose a real obstacle to the career path of our members and there is no guarantee that workers will be protected when it comes to such things as salary step, benefit continuation, vacation accrual rates, seniority, overtime/call-in, bumping rights and the many other items that could be effected.

Tell your MLA that you believe this is a huge step backwards in labour legislation.

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