SEA Red Flag 7: More Captains, Fewer Crew

More Captains, Fewer Crew – No Input for Workers in Decision-Making

The SEA changes the definition of ‘employee’ and the result appears to be that front line workers will no longer have any input into policy development or budget discussions. This does not match the concept of a knowledgeable workforce and it clashes with the LEAN principles being launched in both the health care and education sectors.  Why are the voices of working people being silenced? 

We can see the difference – can you?

See section 6-1 (h) of the SEA (which will replace The Trade Union Act)

The SEA changes the definition of an ‘employee’ and the result appears to reduce the number of working people who can join a union. If you are an ‘employee’ it appears that you can no longer express your opinion or communicate with the employer about matters relating to labour relations, their business strategy, the budget or employer policies….WHAT? Really? How does that work when we have employers in both the health and education sector introducing the LEAN initiative, where they are asking for employees to attend and participate in sessions on how work can be done more efficiently?

Take Action Now and let your MLA know that more captains won’t improve the workplace.

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