SEA Red Flag Issue 2: All Hands on Deck!

The SEA does NOTHING to address the many problems identified with The Public Service Essential Services Act and the continuing legal stall tactics by the government do not help to address the immediate concerns of those in wait for a fair and equitable collective agreement. How much longer will it take? 

We can see the difference – can you?

The SEA maintains all of the provisions of The Public Service Essential Services Acteven though the Court of Queen’s Bench has ruled (on February 6, 2012) that this law is unconstitutional.  Since 2008, collective bargaining has become a sham with unfair results for working people.  The government has publicly acknowledged that both the employer and the workers want this fixed.  When will they make the effort to take the unfairness out of essential services and fix this illegal law?

Ask the government when they will fix the Public Services Essential Services Act.

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