Take Five for Five: Campaign

In the 2017 Spring budget, the Sask Party announced a mandated 3.5% reduction for all public sector workers. This rollback attacks workers and their communities on so many levels. Due to public pressure, the Minister of Finance announced there would be no rollback in 2017 but we need to let our government know a rollback is unacceptable for all years to come. That’s why we ask that you participate in the ‘Five for Five’ action where we ask that you take five minutes for five days each week so we can influence our government. Until we stop the rollbacks this year and for all years to come, we ask that you continue to participate in our ‘Five for Five’ action – persistence is crucial! 

Day 1: 

Call or write your MLA (call one week, write the next!). Tell them you’re concerned with the consequences of a 3.5% reduction.  You can find a template for speaking notes here. If you’d like some help, please email actions@seiuwest.caYou can also email your MLA with our campaign here - it only takes a minute!

Day 2:

Share this SEIU-West community flyer with your neighbours.  Post it in a public space (not at your work-site) and encourage others to contact government in order to share their concerns about cuts to health care and public services.

Day 3:

Write a letter to Labour Minister Morgan and Finance Minister Harpauer and ask them to stop the regressive mandate of 3.5% reductions for this year and going forward. You can find a letter campaign that will do this right here.

Day 4:

Call or write the new Premier, Scott Moe, and ask him if he plans to demonstrate leadership by taking the 3.5% reduction talk off the table for all years to come. Find his contact information here.

Day 5:

Have a conversation with a neighbour or co-worker that you don’t normally talk to about politics. Tell them how bargaining is going. Ask them to lobby their MLA as well.

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