63rd Annual SFL Convention: Apply Now!

63rd Annual SFL Convention: Apply Now!

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) will hold its annual convention on October 24-27 at the Queensbury Centre in Regina.

SEIU-West is sponsoring up to 83 SEIU-West delegates to attend. We will cover registration costs, lost wages, and meal expenses for those meals not provided at the convention.

Our SEIU-West Sister, Lori Johb, is running to be the new SFL President as Brother Larry Hubich is retiring after many years of service to the provincial and national labour movement.

Please send in your Expression of Interest form to Neil.Colmin@seiuwest.ca or by fax (306) 692-2807 no later than Wednesday, August 15th, 2018. You can also fill out the online Expression of Interest form below. 

Please note, SEIU-West will accept up to four (4) Young Worker Delegates - you can find out if you're eligible here. Please make a note of your Young Worker delegate eligibility on your Expression of Interest form. 

Reminder: carpooling is mandatory and room sharing is encouraged for out of town delegates.

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