April 26 is Administrative Professionals Day and we are so excited to celebrate the hard working Administrative Professionals in all of our workplaces! Administrative Professionals include Medical Office Assistants, Receptionists, Secretaries, Office Assistants, Office Administration Assistants, Office Managers, Finance Officers, Clinic Assistants and more! They are often among the few people who know the entire workings of an organization, as they are responsible for the administration and operations of every department and role.

Colleen is a Medical Office Assistant at a rural health facility and has been in this role for nearly 15 years. She started her career as a Continuing Care Assistant, but because of injury returned to school to obtain her Medical Office Administrative Assistant diploma. Colleen’s commitment to being a positive part of the health care system is clear.

A typical day for Colleen is busy, as she is responsible for numerous jobs. She is often the first person that people see when they enter the facility. When patients arrive, depending on their needs, she can register them, or direct them to the correct location so they can receive the health services they need.

When we asked Colleen what part of her job she likes the best, she told us that it is the people whom she has contact with in their journey through the health care process. Not all the interactions are pleasant for her, but at the end of the day she feels like she has done the best that she can for the people she sees. She fondly remembers patients returning to tell her how much they appreciate all that she has done for them.

The work of a Medical Office Assistant is ever changing, from providing medical administrative support like preparing reports and data entry to greeting and registering patients, along with all the office needs of maintaining office equipment, handling mail, phones, files and more. Attention to detail, keen organization, and the ability to communicate with everyone from patients to doctors, students, teachers, parents and more are just part of the reason that Medical Office Assistants and other Administrative Professionals deserve to be celebrated.

To Colleen, and every other Administrative Professional, thank you for all that you do!

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