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Submission to Ministry of Health on the Proposed Regulation of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

The Saskatchewan government is proposing to make diagnostic sonography a fully recognized and regulated health profession, and invited SEIU-West to provide feedback on the proposal. Under the proposal, sonographers would be regulated by the Saskatchewan Association of Medical Radiation Technologists. After investigating the proposal, researching the experiences of other provinces, and consulting with our members in the affected job classifications, SEIU-West submitted its feedback on June 18, 2019. Click to read our submission and cover letter.

In our submission, SEIU-West offers its qualified support for the proposal. We agree in principle with the goals of ensuring patient safety and diagnostic quality, but note that most of the details (such as regulatory bylaws) have not yet been worked out. We expect that the government and the Saskatchewan Health Authority will continue to consult with us as this proposal moves along, so that we can continue to properly represent our members.

If as a member you have questions, concerns, or additional information not covered in our submission, please contact our Research Coordinator Karman Kawchuk at [email protected].

Submission: Consultation on Impairment in the Workplace

SEIU-West compiled a brief in response to the Minstry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety's 'Consultation on Impairment in the Workplace.'

In our submission, we propose that there is a pronounced need for future committed resources to fund research initiatives in Saskatchewan; such initiatives have the potential to inform effective workplace policy, as well as, build awareness and education tools to assist both employers and employees to manage these issues. SEIU-West does not share the appetite of government to employ legislative options for the purposes of addressing safety issues related to substance use and impairment in the workplace.

Click here to download the PDF version of SEIU-West's brief: Consulation on Impairment in the Workplace.

Letter to the Ministry of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety - Workplace Impairment Consultation

Submission to the Ministry’s Employment Leave Consultations

On May 4, 2018, Barbara Cape, President of SEIU-West, received a letter dated May 1st from Michael Carr, Deputy Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety inviting SEIU-West to participate in consultations on amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA) related to recent changes to the federal Employment Insurance Act (EIA). 

Click here to download a PDF of SEIU-West’s brief on Amendments to the SEA employment leave provisions.

Submission: Lab Services in the New Saskatchewan Health Authority

On October 6, 2017 SEIU-West told the Ministry of Health what we think laboratory and pathology services should look like when the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is up and running. The bottom line: workload pressures and short-staffing in the lab/path sector have reached critical levels, and need to be addressed in a way that preserves the public nature of our health care system.

You can read the full submission here: SEIU-West Lab consultation brief.

Letter to Patrick O’Byrne re: Laboratory & Pathology Services under the Saskatchewan Health Authority

Submission: Saskatchewan Ground Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Stakeholder Consultation

Beyond our mandate and legal duty to advocate on behalf of our members and improve their wages, benefits and working conditions, SEIU-West strives to lead the way to a more just and humane society. We stand for economic and social justice, for dignity and respect, for having a voice on the job and in society, and for a secure job with the opportunity to advance. This mission heavily informs the recommendations in our EMS Stakeholder Consultation Submission which you can read here.

Submission: Workers’ Compensation Board Governance and Appeals Consultation Process

SEIU-West recognizes the importance of continually seeking to improve the governance and appeals processes of the Workers’ Compensation Board. Yet the pursuit of improvement must be driven above all by the needs of the injured worker: to count as an improvement, changes in WCB structures or processes must smooth the injured worker’s access to much needed benefits, by ensuring that the appeal process is as comprehensible and timely as possible.

It is from that perspective that SEIU-West made a submission to the Workers Compensation Board which you can read here.

Submission: Consultation on Interpersonal Violence and Employment Leaves

SEIU-West was invited by the Minister of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety to participate in the consultation process on interpersonal violence and the impact in the workplace.

SEIU-West’s Young Worker Committee (YWC) has worked tirelessly with other allies in the community, including the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and Provincial Association of Transition Houses & Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS) to raise public awareness about domestic violence. Together, we see the need for improved workplace safety and secure funding for those agencies who provide necessary community supports for the victims of domestic violence.

This report was submitted on July 20, 2017 on behalf of SEIU-West and our YWC.

Submission: Stakeholder Feedback on Standards and Competencies for the RN with Additional Authorized Practice Document

SEIU-West promotes nursing care delivery models that are based upon the principles of collaboration, mutual respect, and the exchange of knowledge among members of the health care team.

It is from that perspective that SEIU-West has submitted our feedback to the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA) on the Standards and Competencies for the RN with Additional Authorized practice.

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