Medical Radiation Technologist Week 2022- Mary

National Medical Radiation Technologist Week is a time we can take a deep dive into the profession of medical imaging and thank the amazing workers that make it possible to see what is going on inside a patient. Even within the field, there is a vast range of imaging departments that our members are found in. MRTs can be found performing Computerized Tomography (CT) scans, x-rays, fluoroscopy, angiography, mammograms, and assisting with surgical procedures, for example, someone that may require a biopsy. MRTs also make requisitions for testing, monitoring incoming requisitions for urgency, and properly archive images for reports.

Medical Radiation Technologist Week 2022- Lisa

November 6-12 is Medical Radiation Technologist Week, a time for us to extend our thanks to all the amazing MRTs in our healthcare system. They provide a wide variety of services that include general x-rays, fluoroscopy, intra-operative imaging, and radiology. They also assist with minimally invasive procedures such as biopsies, drainages, embolization, mechanical thrombectomy, and vascular access, like inserting a PICC line. MRTs are vital to heart attack and stroke patients, so you will always find a MRT in the hospital or on call.

Healthcare Provider Week - Jennifer

October 23 - 29 is Healthcare Provider Week. This is a week to recognize and celebrate the hardworking members who come together as part of a cohesive team to provide quality and compassionate healthcare to the residents of Saskatchewan. We heard from Jennifer, a Medical Office Assistant who works in Tuberculosis Prevention and Control.

Facilities and Engineering Week - Gabriel

October 23 - 29 is Facilities and Engineering Week.  This is our opportunity to highlight the folks that keep the lights on, regulate the temperature, maintain the systems and even take on preventative maintenance. We checked in with Gabriel, a 4th Class Power Engineer in Saskatoon.

Healthcare Provider Week - Katelyn

October 23 - 29 is Healthcare Provider Week. This is a week to recognize and celebrate the hardworking members who come together as part of a cohesive team to provide quality and compassionate healthcare to the residents of Saskatchewan. 

Combined Laboratory & X-Ray Technologist Week - Gerry

CLXTs are a vital part of providing quality health care. They perform X-Ray exams and Electrocardiograms; collect and prepare samples for in-house or reference laboratory testing; complete laboratory reports and distribute test results while simultaneously providing compassionate care to patients. October 16 - 22 is Combined Laboratory & X-Ray Technologist Week, so we are here to say thank you for all that you do!

Food Services Week 2022 - Dorothy

This week is Food Services Week and we are here to celebrate the care and commitment of our Food Services Team. We'd like to introduce you to Dorothy, a Food Services Supervisor in Saskatoon.

Food Services Week 2022 - Evelyn

Food service workers are vital to the care and well being of clients, patients and residents. Their care and attention to dietary needs are a critical part health care services, which is why we are celebrating Food Services Week! We heard from Evelyn, an Assistant Cook in Saskatoon, about what she loves about being a part of the Food Services Team!

Environmental Services Week 2022- Kendel

There is a lot of work that goes in to keeping a hospital clean, which is why each year we celebrate Environmental Services Week. They are the team behind keeping areas germ-free and tidy—a task even more vital the past few years. We spoke to Kendel, an Environmental Service Worker (ESW) at a rural acute care centre in the middle of Saskatchewan, to tell us what work in her area has been like.

Unit Assistant/Unit Support Worker Week 2022- Angela

Unit Assistants and Unit Support Workers wear many hats within our healthcare facilities. It’s a role that seems to accumulate all the odds and ends of their units, and nothing is too big of an ask for them. If you think that sounds like a challenge, just talk to our profiled member, Angela, who handles all of this with organization and patience.

Angela has worked in a rural long term care facility for ten years, and has spent five of them as a Unit Assistant (UA). She was inspired to work in this field because she felt long term care was a place she could really make a difference. Based on the range of her position, Angela certainly does make a difference, not only to her residents, but to the coworkers within the facility as well. In a day, Angela does filing and charting, admissions and discharges, processes orders, sets up appointment and transfers, corresponds with family members, answers phones, photocopies documents, and helps coworkers with their paperwork.

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