Nursing Week: Darby

May 6 - 12 is Nursing Week and today we are excited to introduce you to Darby.

Nursing Week: Megan

May 6 - 12 is Nursing Week and offers us the opportunity to recognize of the hardworking members who are part of the Family of Nursing.

Healthcare Provider Week - Maria

October 29 - November 4 is Healthcare Provider Week. It is a week to recognize and celebrate the hardworking members who form the team which provides quality and compassionate healthcare to the people of Saskatchewan.

Facilities and Engineering Week - Donald

October 22 - 28 is Facilities and Engineering Week and gives us the chance to showcase the important role that facilities team members have in ensuring a safe and efficient environment for patients, residents, staff, and visitors. Today, we are highlighting SEIU-West member Donald, a Facility Maintenance Operator at an urban acute care facility.

Combined Laboratory & X-Ray Technician Week: Corissa

The third week in October is Combined Laboratory & X-Ray Technician Week and gives us the chance to celebrate the professionals who work in this field. CLXTs perform diagnostic testing that the entire healthcare team relies on to provide care to the patient. 

Food Services Week 2023 - Jennifer

October 1 - 7 is Food Services Week and gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the hardworking people who work within Food Services. These folks keep residents and patients safe by working with the entire team to ensure each person's dietary needs are met, while preparing and storing food safely to prevent foodborne illness. 

Environmental Services Week - Lorene

September 10 – 16 is Environmental Services Week and provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the people who are responsible for keeping hospitals and facilities clean. We heard from Lorene, an Environmental Service Worker (ESW) at an urban acute care facility, who shared some details about her job.

Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week: Shawky

May 14 - 20 is National Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week. This is a week to recognize the contributions of the Biomedical Engineers, Clinical Engineers, Biomedical Engineering Technicians and Technologists who make valuable contributions to healthcare institutions in the areas of patient safety, research and development, technology management, equipment services, cost savings, problem solving, planning and support. They work to assemble, install, repair, calibrate, and inspect biomedical equipment and devices to ensure that it meets standards.

Nursing Week 2023: Amy

May 8 – 14 is National Nursing Week. The theme for 2023 is Our Nurses. Our Future. This theme is meant to showcase the many roles that nurses play in a patient’s health care journey, and to shine a light on the courage and commitment shown by nurses throughout the pandemic, and each and every day that they go to work.

Administrative Professionals Day 2023: Colleen

April 26 is Administrative Professionals Day and we are so excited to celebrate the hard working Administrative Professionals in all of our workplaces! Administrative Professionals include Medical Office Assistants, Receptionists, Secretaries, Office Assistants, Office Administration Assistants, Office Managers, Finance Officers, Clinic Assistants and more! They are often among the few people who know the entire workings of an organization, as they are responsible for the administration and operations of every department and role.

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