Nursing Week 2022 Celebrations: Apply for Unit Funding

May 6-12, 2022 is National Nursing Week!


This is the week when we recognize and celebrate the amazing members of the SEIU-West Family of Nursing:

  • Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  • Operating Room Technicians (ORT-LPNs)
  • Direct Care Workers (DCWs)
  • Direct Support Workers (DSWs)
  • Other members performing similar front-line care roles (e.g. group home workers, care aides/care partners, resident attendants)

Contest Time: 5 Chances to Win to Celebrate Family Day!

Happy Family Day, everyone!

If you were to ask 100 people, you would get 100 different answers about what family means. And SEIU-West supports that! No matter what your family looks like—small and nuclear, big and extended, couples, single parents, children, child-free, pet-parents, we love to see it! And remember, our found families are equally as important as those we share genetics with, or those who raised us.

Contest Time! Family Literacy Day 2022

It’s time once again for one of our favourite contests!

Family Literacy Day was established to raise awareness about how important reading and literacy-related activities are for children’s development, and how one of the best ways to get that extra education in is to participate as a family.

Community Worker Appreciation Day Contest 2021

Join us as we celebrate November 6th – Community Worker Appreciation Day

Community-Based Organization (CBO) workers are there for our communities every day. They work in residential/group home settings, they assist with crisis services, they provide day programs for people with disabilities to support their independent living, they work in child care programs, and they support clients in addictions counseling/treatment programs. 

They do this with instability from their government. Funding is offered on a year to year basis, some years with cuts; underfunding and unstable funding has caused recruitment and retention issues. Our CBO workers truly care about the wellbeing of their communities, even at their own personal cost.

It’s important to recognize this group whose work is crucial to the success of communities across the province.

In recognition of their valued work, SEIU-West invites you to participate in the Community Worker Appreciation Day Contest!

  • Tell us up to three practical actions that the government can take to strengthen community-based services, ensuring these vital services will remain pillars in our community for decades to come.
  • For an additional entry, name one of the Community-Based Organizations that are represented by SEIU-West and tell us why they are important to their community.

Send your answers to [email protected] by November 14th for your chance to win a gift card.


Contest Winners October 2021

Here at SEIU-West, we love contests that celebrate YOU!

We had a Medical Device Reprocessing contest with gift card winners: Shelley M  and Val A.

They named the following devices: 

  • PSN Knee instruments for Total Knee replacement
  • Emergency Suture Trays
  • Laproscopic General Pan
  • Stethoscopes
  • Endoscopes and
  • Forceps


We had a Food Services Worker contest and our gift card winner was: Connie H.

Connie loves morning muffins and gave us the great idea to add whipping cream to Mac and Cheese.


We had a Facilities and Engineering nomination contest and our gift card winner was: Donald S.

Donald says his coworkers are highly skilled people from various backgrounds that work continually to ensure the hospital can function. Donald says his team is working through a heightened level of anxiety that is managed by having such positive relationships with one another. Leaning on each other has really helped to get through these trying times.

Stay tuned for our winners from Education Week and Health Care Providers' Week!

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