Are You A Member In Good Standing?

It’s important to be a Member in Good Standing.

Being a union member comes with certain rights and responsibilities.

One of your obligations is to remain a member in good standing (dues paying member) according to the SEIU-West constitution.

Members sometimes go off work on an unpaid (by employer) leave as listed below:

Disability Income Plan (DIP), Workers’ Compensation Benefits claim beyond one year, Leaves (education, maternity, parental, adoption, compassionate care, public office, or election to a professional association), or a General Leave of Absence.

And because your employer is not making any dues deductions or remittances to your union on your behalf, to remain a member in good standing you are required to pay your minimum monthly dues of $10.

You can pay by cash or cheque at any SEIU-West office. We will provide the amounts you owe or you can pay for several months ahead of time if you choose. You will receive a tax receipt to use on your income tax.

Why remain a member in good standing?

Here are just some of the many reasons to remain a member in good standing: 

  • Eligibility for SEIU-West Annual Scholarships for you and/or your children
  • Ability to run for an elected position for your SEIU-West Unit, Executive Board, Trustee, Top Officer position, or to serve on any committees
  • Ability to attend Union events, schools, training, conferences and conventions
  • Ability to vote on your tentative agreement when negotiations end.

Don’t miss out – Remain a member in good standing at all times!

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